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Welcome to Isabella Rosa. I am a professional lifestyle/wedding photographer from Montreal. I travel a lot.
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Life Stories / 02.08.2017

Let me tell you about my favorite little family. Kim and I have been friends for over 10 years and, as some of you may already know, she worked with me at Ella Photography (the other photography company I own) for quite sometimes. I photographed her a bunch of times already. I guess you can kinda say she's my muse. Since her second child was born, we didn't have time to get together as much. Can you blame her? Having two kids is hard work! On a spring evening, we finally did! I wanted to take advantage of the last blooms...

Life Stories / 17.07.2017

Since I was already in Italy, I took the opportunity to take photos of anyone I could find. Including this lovely lady, which happens to be my little cousin. Elena is a young architect (a smart cookie) and wanted photos that showed off her personality. So, that's what we did. We headed over to a farm in Alezio and took photos at sunset. How amazing are those cacti? Ugh! I love. I truly believe that it's extremely important to take photos like this of yourself throughout your lifetime. It's a way to remember who you are. Who you were. It's a chance...

Couples / 02.07.2017

I visited Puglia all my life. Actually, most of my family is still there. So, you must believe that when I got the opportunity to fly there to photograph Irene & Marco, I was EXCITED! Not only would I be able to photograph them in all my favorite places but I would also be able to stay a little longer to be able to see family, who I miss dearly. We had two engagement sessions with this couple on two different days. I'm here to present you the first day. We started off in Santa Caterina, Nardò. A hill where we are...

Couples / 30.05.2017

These two. These two thought me what intimacy looks like. The chemistry between Alej and Michal is unbelievable. The way they move, the way they look at each other, It's love.  I'm so happy I met them in Portugal. This session made me realize how I want to photograph my couples. It was the inspiration for the move to the new website. These two are everything. ...