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So I wanted to cut my hair

Since I came back from Italy (and since wedding season is over) I was craving a change. I wasn’t quite sure “what” at the time but .. I wanted one. Finally, I decided to make a change physically. Calm down, I’m not getting a boob job. Just cutting my hair. I’ve always had long hair and now, I want to try going short.

Every.single.person I said this to, said “noooo, don’t do it” “why do you want to do that?” This even includes family. I’m not going to lie… I was a little shocked at how many people told me NOT to do it, rather than just supporting me. For something as simple as a hair cut? Geez.

But, I still really wanted this.

I can’t really explain why I wanted to cut my hair but, I did. People didn’t get it why I would want to and all they did was discourage me of it. But I set my appointment anyways. Except now, I’m terrified! Such a little change, I know. But with all the doubt that people put in my head.. It suddenly became a big deal.

I ended up just counting the hours before my appointment this afternoon.

This got me thinking back at the time when I wanted to start my design business (more than 10 years ago now). I spoke about my plans to many people and everyone was telling me not to do it. It simply wasn’t worth the risk! What if it failed!!

Here’s what I learnt during that process (and it came back during this whole hair situation). Change can be scary but you shouldn’t let the fear of others slow you down. It can be cutting your hair or painting your living room some weird colour or starting a video channel or ending a relationship or changing jobs all together. If its something you’ve been thinking of doing for a while and you really want to do it… Just do it. Don’t let others stop you. This is your life. The only happiness at risk here, is your own.

A physical change (like cutting hair) or a financial change (like changing careers) impacts the same aspects of your life. Your emotional well being. It’s all the same.

Here are some reasons why you SHOULD be doing it:

– You have been thinking about it for a while and it just makes sense to do it
– You are inspired by the decision
– You know it will be a good fit
– If you are bored and feel like your life is “blah”
– Everyone tells you “don’t” and yet, you are still thinking about it
– It actually scares you a little bit to think about it but you are not turning away

Here are some reasons why you SHOUDN’T do it :

– Because everyone else is doing it
– Because everyone tells you to do it while you aren’t sure
– You are doing it just to “get away” from a tough situation
– you are diving head on without doing a little research first
– if it involves hurting someone physically (hey. never know)
– If it involves a new pet and you didn’t research its commitment extensively
Notice that none of these are money related. Why ? Because money should NEVER be a factor when you are looking for change. Your happiness should come first. Most changes fail because people aren’t making money fast enough and they quit too early. If you look hard enough, you can also get money somewhere to achieve your goals.

What if it doesn’t work though ?

So what? You tried it and it failed (or its ugly)? Hair grows back and new jobs can be found. Walls can be repainted. It’s not that much of a step back. All you are losing is a little time. Except now, you can move by telling yourself : “I did it … it didn’t work out … on to the next idea.” Just I say, Just do it. If you need a cheerleader, I’ll be there for you. Because seriously… How are you supposed to grow, if you don’t get out and do those “crazy” ideas ?

Everyone has got at least one crazy idea. What’s yours? Comment below to let me know

That’s it . that was my thought process today.

What are people saying about the haircut now ? “I love it! Looks great! ”

p.s in case you are, Malina cut my hair.

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