Isabella Rosa | Is fear taking over?
Welcome to Isabella Rosa. I am a professional lifestyle/wedding photographer from Montreal. I travel a lot.
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Is fear taking over?

I never click on things on Facebook. I hate them. Everything on there is such a waste of time. Especially that often, they’re just spam or Hoaxes. Things that never really happened. However last month, I was bored and I saw a picture of space. I clicked on it. There was a video of earth. It explained the vast space that we live and described it as just a simple Blue Dot. A Blue Dot in an immense space. Geez. To think that we are a simple dot in this entire universe. Seems kind of crazy no? Suspended in mid-air with nothing holding us up …and nothing pushing us down. The idea that something can just pass by unexpectedly and take us out. Boom. Just like that.

Don’t mean to scare you but it’s kinda unreal to think about it. Everybody you know… everybody you have ever met is on this planet. Your favorite celebrities and world leaders are on the same pale blue dot as you. If something happened, there would be nowhere to go. It’s just… us.

We do have limited time here, no? Other than the fact that we will grow old and pass away at one point… Something could also happen to our planet before then. And with this time… what are you doing with it? You wake up, you go to work, you come home, you go to sleep? If our time here actually was limited… would you be satisfied with your life as you know it right now? Do you feel like you should be doing something else? Is a nagging thought popping in the back of your mind right now? Of something, you wish you could be doing? Either for a living… or as a vacation.. or as a lifestyle?

Why aren’t you doing it?

I’ve stopped myself from doing a few things in my lifetime. I should have gone to school to be a neurologist like I wanted (it was too long… although I would have been done by now), I should have saved up money along the way instead of spending it, I should have traveled more when I could and I should have left home later on in my life. I’ve mischosen some paths (i don’t like calling them mistakes as those decisions made me who I am today). But I’m working on catching up. That’s my current goal. Catch up. Within the last month, I’ve stopped making excuses and made. things. happen. Little things that I’ve been dreading on doing (and waited for “tomorrow” and the day after that to do it) I’ve painted my house again to colors that actually made me happy (instead of listening to my mom and saving my money and keeping the colors that were here already). I went to RENO, like a big girl and finally remodeled my ugly bathroom, I worked every day on the computer to catch up on all my work and finally finishing off almost everything so I can stop worrying about deadlines for once. I’ve cut out people that I found to be toxic in my life (thus removing unnecessary worry and stress), and I’ve paid off all my credit cards once and for all instead of paying the minimum every time because I wanted to keep the money to do other things.

Life shouldn’t be wasted. The changes within the last month were minor but have released crazy amounts of stress and anxiety because they had been on my mind for MONTHS (if not years). Do you want something? DO IT. No matter the cost. do it. You will be Okay. you could not have the chance to do it tomorrow.

Currently living in my 30’s (ew I can’t believe I just said that) I’m realizing now that MAN, LIFE IS GOING BY SO FAST. Seems like yesterday that I was hanging out late at night with my friends.

What are you doing these days? Renting an apartment because you aren’t sure of the investment? Staying in a marriage that seemed to have been doomed years ago because maybe tomorrow it will be better? Not telling something to stay when they think they should leave? Refusing to take that trip because you just can’t allow yourself to use that money right now? Refusing to give your heart to someone because you got hurt before? Waiting to have a baby? Working at a job you don’t like because you are scared of failing at the job you do love?

When can we just let it all go and find the right time to do all the things that we desire?

Question is… Will there ever be a “right time”? I’ve always believed there wasn’t. It just doesn’t exist. Are you able to describe .. in words… the “right time” to achieve all your goals? I don’t think you can. And “winning the lottery” doesn’t count. Because there will never be a perfect moment to be able to do something you really want to do. Something else will always be in the way.

Change is scary. It really is. And people make bad choices. But without those bad choices, you can’t find the right ones. So you quit your job to try and launch that business you’ve wanted to do for so long… and it doesn’t work… Are you dead? No. You pick yourself up and find a new job. Yes it’s devastating and it’s hard but NOW YOU KNOW. You’ve done it! It’s not about making it. It’s about following your heart and TRYING at it. That’s what living is… wouldn’t you agree? Life can’t be lived with What if’s. Accomplishing goals, finding new ones, failing (or succeeding) and then growing. There will never be a “what if” because you have tried and now you know better. Tomorrow, you’ll get a new goal and push for that one and soon you’ll find your calling. Something (or someone) you love. I tried a lot of different majors at school before finally FALLING BY ACCIDENT in photography… But if I hadn’t jumped right in, head first (into something else), I would have never found my actually calling. Especially that I had NEVER done photography before. Ever. But I took a chance…. and it worked.

When the video described that we were just one tiny dot suspended in space, I got major vertigo. Close your eyes and think about it for a second. I’m here sitting in bed on this land and underneath me… there is nothing? I never ever thought of that. To turn around and go to work and do my photo shoots and live my life like it’s just another day. But it’s not just another day is it anymore? Cause you just realized that tomorrow, we could get hit by a meteor and bye bye… we could be gone. Ok… so whatever, the earth has been in orbit forEVER… What are the chances that tomorrow .. it will all be gone? You are correct. The chances are probably extremely minimal. But personally, I’m just using all this as an excuse. As a sense of emergency for my self-growth. Because I need it. I need to change a few things around here and the fear is paralyzing.

You could use my reason or you can create one for yourself but I’m personally tired of waiting for the “right time” that doesn’t really exist. It needs to happen NOW…. The earth might not have that much time. That doesn’t need to be true for everyone else… It just needs to be true for me. I have to wake up tomorrow and do what I WANT TO DO because, for all I know, tomorrow… the earth could fall out of orbit (yes I said it).

How is it that we can be so lucky to be here and yet be so scared to move from our comfort zones. What are we scared of? Think about what’s around you. Space is so magical ( I don’t understand physics very well.. so to me… well, it’s magic. There! No lesson needed.) But it really is unbelievably fascinating. Yet sending that email out to try to get that job or asking that boy for their phone number stops us from getting what we want. Our fears seem pretty ridiculous when you think about the magnitude where we are literally STANDING ON SPACE (on nothing!). The possibilities are endless in a matter of speaking (metaphorrrrr)!

You will find that money to survive on. You’ll find a new job if you quit the one you hate today. The worst thing she can say is “no thanks”. We are our only enemy. It’s just a fear .. and it’s not real. An email, A phone call, an introduction is nothing compared to everything else that this world has brought to us. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it that way. It’s also pretty pathetic to think that we let these things stop us from getting what or who we want.

Guys, the only thing stopping us are ourselves. So do what your heart calls for.

Look, this is your decision, I don’t want to be held accountable for things that don’t work out (but it will!) or if you decided somehow that you wanted to run someone over as an achievement. All I’m saying is that your life is important and it shouldn’t be spend doing things that you aren’t happy with doing. Find a goal and reach for it with all you got. Don’t wait for it to fall into your lap by itself.. because it won’t happen. Sit down, talk about it with your loved ones if needed, find a way to make it happen¬†and then, go for it. Your happiness is worth it. Even if it’s as small as painting a room or as big as changing job for something riskier. I believe in you guys. If you need, I’m here also to listen and try to help. Tell me in the comments below what you would love to achieve and we’ll find a way to get you there.

As for me… I’m going to find and buy the car I NEED but I can’t afford right now. Before the meteor hits and makes the earth fall out of orbit.

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