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Welcome to Isabella Rosa. I am a professional lifestyle/wedding photographer from Montreal. I travel a lot.
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I’m not afraid of heights

Yesterday, I realized that I wasn’t afraid of heights.

Just yesterday?


I’ve always been considered a “monkey” in my younger years but I guess part of me still kinda believed that I was a little afraid of heights anyhow because, well .. isn’t everybody ?

Who cares though, no? I think I said it 5 times while on the mountain and everyone was like: “Yea ok, we get it!!” But,  my brain kind of works in mysterious ways though. I often make weird links like this.

Truth is, I realized that I never took the time to really discover it. Seems like such a small aspect of life but when you discover such a thing, it makes you think … what else do I not know about myself?

I went to Via Ferrata in Mt. tremblant. 1000m hike up the side of the mountain. Took about 5hrs start to finish. It’s never something that I would have normally thought about doing but, given that the 2015 wedding season has been a little slow for everyone in MTL, I took advantage of the few weekends off to try activities that I had never thought of doing before. Turns out that I’m actually trying to rediscover myself.

And I’m thankful.

In the last few 6 weeks i,

  • went on a date with someone I never met before (NEVER did that before)
  • went to LaRonde after 8 years
  • jumped out of an airplane
  • tried DodgeBowsuper fun, try it this weekend
  • learned how to throw a frisbee properly (so small but still wanted to get it done)
  • got re-certified in Rock climbing (i used to do it in college)
  • taught myself ASL
  • (& yes, i’m still working on learning that damn guitar)

yea, I’m practically broke now but … I’m happy.

Basically, I crawled out of my bubble. Work has been keeping me so busy in the past 5 years that I came to realize that I got stuck in a routine where I was only concentrated in “growing my business” rather than “building the life I want to live” In the words on Steve McClatchy, I was concentrating on Pains rather than Gains. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m calling my business a “pain”. I love my job. But, being an entrepreneur tends to become “heavy” after a while. Everything you LOVE tends to become “Have to’s” rather than the “Want to’s” that it started out to be. This summer gave me time to crave “Want to’s” that I needed in order to have more Power to do the “Have to’s” That… well… I have to do.

I’m not saying this so that you go “Well, that’s awesome isa. Good for you! We are happy.” I’m saying this cause I want to make you understand my aha! moment.

I’ve been living day-by-day. My goal had been to keep my business alive rather than building a future. Accomplishing tasks off my to-do lists and making my clients happy but, my life had pretty much been on hold while I was trying to catch up on making my business better and better.

This time off has allowed me to rediscover myself and made me click that I do still have a life to live.

Who am I now? Where am I going? Where do I want to be in 5 or 10 years? I’m starting to realize that it’s not that scary to think about. Finally.


Discovering that I’m not afraid of heights is just a simple clue that I might not know everything about myself and that it’s important to take that time to analyze your life to be able to get a better view of where to go next.


Forget the competition, forget everyone else’s success. Your life is … about you. Success is actually relative. Subjective even. Depending on how you plan on living the rest of your life.

It’s not about living and growing up, it’s about getting to know yourself and growing better.

When is the last time you did something crazy to make you think outside the box? How well do you actually know yourself (and the path you actually want to lead) ?

Just a thought

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