Isabella Rosa | A + C | Montreal proposal
Welcome to Isabella Rosa. I am a professional lifestyle/wedding photographer from Montreal. I travel a lot.
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A + C | Montreal proposal


It probably goes without saying that I believe that the most important moments should be captured. Either be sadness or happiness or a monumental step in a relationship. Proposals fit into that. When Andrew first contacted me, we instantly connected. His love for Chris shined through the words that he typed for me. He also sounded so nervous as he was trying to plan to propose to his long-term boyfriend. He was coming into town for a weekend getaway. There was no anniversary, no birthday. Just a time to relax and be together. They first planned on going to Jardin Nelson in the old port before heading out for a stroll towards me.

When planning for the big proposal, I wanted to make sure that they would be away from people to make sure no one stood in the way! Another concern for me was the sun. A covered area would be ideal. I directed them towards the Scena balcony in the old port. There was a perfect viewpoint of the city which meant that Andrew could explain that he wanted to see it!

I went there an hour in advance to make sure that I wouldn’t miss the big moment. As I saw them walk by underneath me and looking for the stairs, I noticed that Andrew was¬†looking pretty nervous. I pretended to be a tourist, taking photos of the view. Good thing I was ready because, as soon as Andrew got into position, he went down on one knee!! Chris couldn’t believe it and had the BIGGEST smile on his face!

I was discovered soon after.

After we got introduced, we went out around Montreal and took photos!

What a great thing to have in the future to show off to their family and friends. I’m so happy I got to meet these two lovebirds. There was so much love and excitement between them.

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